It’s officially official. I am back home with family and ready to tackle this next chapter of my life. Well, kinda.

Less than 2 weeks ago, I packed my little car to the brim (dogs included) and made the 9.5 hour drive home. The day after I arrived, I left for a week-long family vacation; it was fun but not as relaxing as I’d hoped it’d be. Now, I am trying to cope with the stress of living under my parent’s roof again. Downsizing from my own home to my childhood bedroom is kind of a downer. BUT, things will get brighter!

I close on my house at the end of this month (hallelujah!), I have a job interview on Wednesday morning (fingers crossed!), and I have a phone assessment in the morning with an eating disorder treatment center (yes, I actually scheduled one!). I’m trying very hard to put my health first, so I am eager to hear what level of care is recommended. Part of me wants the lowest level available, as I want to get back to working ASAP– but I also know that I cannot be a functional, working adult if I am not properly nourished. I’ll see what the professionals have to say and take it from there.

Slowly but surely, things are falling into place. I am not in an ideal situation, but I am very grateful to be alive and moving in a different direction with my life. It’s crazy to think that a little over a month ago I was on the verge of ending my life. No, things aren’t perfect now and I’m not magically better, but the smallest steps forward do make a world of difference!


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